Drinks & Beverages Rotsaert

More than 3000 different drinks & beverages

Drinks & Beverages Rotsaert

Beers, wines, soft drinks and giftwraps

Drinks & Beverages Rotsaert

B2B Delivery Service

Drinks & Beverages Rotsaert

Specialist in (streek)bier en wijn

Expert in (speciality) beers

Your expert in speciality beers, with more than 500 Belgian and international beers on offer. From large Belgian breweries to small craft breweries, and with a host of exclusive beers, you can find it all at Drinks & Beverages Rotsaert.


A full-bodied wine is pure pleasure. Discover the Spanish vineyards or become acquainted with the tastes of France. White, red or sparkling wines from all the leading wine regions, you can find with us.

Gift wraps

Are you searching for an original gift for business, a special occasion or just to thank somebody? You can rest assured that all our special beers, wines and strong drinks deliver both in taste and presentation, with our gift wrap option available on all of our selections.

Strong drinks

Besides our unique range special beers and wines, we also offer a broad selection of strong drinks.

Be your tipple of choice gin, whiskey, liquor, Calvados, or a host of other spirits, we can provide for both catering businesses and personal needs.

Since 1934


Drinks & Beverages Rotsaert in Zedelgem offers more than 3000 different beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and giftwraps. We’ve been delivering our services to catering businesses for over 3 generations. Are you looking for an event hall for business meetings, family gatherings or receptions? Don’t look any further and contact us for more information.

Buying drinks online

Come and taste in our shop in Zedelgem. And for those further afield, no problem, you can easily shop online as well. Ordered in the comfort of your home and delivered to your doorstep.

Need more information?

We’ll gladly help you with any enquiries you may have. Feel free to contact us by telephone or by filling out the contact form online.



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