New pirate requires in the event that she is actually certainly provided marrying Walsh

Hook up try happier, remarking whenever their cardiovascular system are broken, it means she’s however with the capacity of love, to which Emma puts your an unsure browse

When you find yourself Regina has Henry providers, Hook, David, and you will Emma search brand new mayoral workplace for all the research the brand new Wicked Witch abandoned. David learns an excellent holly berry from the room and you may pinpoints the newest plant’s area on northwestern region at night Cost Bridge. He could be named out on account of a phone call out-of Mary Margaret asking for him to come calmly to new flat and you may see its this new midwife, Zelena, and on time leaves. Given that left couple comb the fresh new trees near the holly berry shrubs, Emma, assuming Hook up was hiding some thing, pries your on what took place about Enchanted Tree, but the guy does not want to state. It come to a good farmhouse and you will subtract that a person is actually surviving in they. Hook up suggests their facing breaking unlock a locked storm basements and you can believes they’d be safe having Regina’s miracle because right back-upwards. While the Emma prepares to cell phone the brand new gran, she takes on a voice message out of David, whom thinks he’s got cornered the new Wicked Witch. Immediately after picking up Regina, it to meet David from the trees. The guy recounts assaulting a form of themselves created by the latest Wicked Witch’s wonders and you will destroying they with his blade hilt, however, each other disappeared later. Altogether, they check out the the new farmhouse basement, that is today mysteriously discover. To the, the fresh cell’s occupant is gone, however, a spinning wheel which have strands from spun silver litter this new floor; facts one Mr. Silver was live. (“The fresh Tower”)

Emma verifies she are, on account of in love, but disappointingly, bear in mind, the guy out-of the woman dreams had treasures and you will bankrupt the girl heart

Within the a day meeting from the finalized diner, Connect with his allies talk about finding Mr. Silver when you find yourself Regina chooses to find the new farmhouse by yourself having research. Hook up states you to definitely Neal, while in the Enchanted Forest, planned to bring back Mr. Gold; in hopes he could were a relationship to getting together with Emma and you may Henry. From the pawnshop, David and you can Emma enhance Belle regarding the Mr. Gold’s live updates and inquire the woman to analyze just how he could’ve been revived. Connect stays behind having Belle, and that she balks at, however, he intentions to create amends shortly after in past times looking to eliminate their double. When he try enabling her capture books from the bookshelf when a sounds erupts off pawnshop’s entry way. Connect uses Belle toward door, where door has been rammed discover about additional, but instead of Mr. Silver, Neal bursts for the and you can collapses. They just take him to your healthcare to recover and you will call David and Emma. After a mysterious establishing is found on Neal’s palm, Belle initiate looking in it. Hook up features Neal providers and you will expresses disapproval that he made an effort to bring back the fresh Dark One. Refusing is cooped upwards, Neal attempts to leave, but is banned from the Hook. All of a sudden, the newest pirate gives him a caring kiss; remembering brand new brotherhood they’d when Neal had been just a good kid. The guy apologizes if you are during the chances which have your making use of their mutual emotions to own Emma, immediately after which allows Neal to leave regarding health. Following, Belle finds out Neal’s hand marking is a symbol away from a switch towards container of your Ebony That and understands the guy must have used it to displace Mr. Gold. Consequentially, she and finds out revitalizing the Ebony You to definitely can cause the fresh new demise out of anyone who uses the key. Even though Neal shall be dead, he or she is nevertheless real time due to inhabiting the same ourtime body as the Mr. Gold until Emma magically separates them. Usually, Neal passes away. During the pawnshop, Connect and Belle receive the bad news out of David and Mary Margaret. (“Quiet Heads”)